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Top destination regarding chic on the island of Ischia

Sant'Angelo certainly is a top destination regarding chic on the island of Ischia.
Until the middle of the last century Sant'Angelo was only a fishing village.
Then, owing to its natural attractions, its superb location and the friendliness of its people, it became a magnet for intellectuals, artists and writers who made this pretty village, overlooking the sea, their refuge on the island of Ischia.

Sant'Angelo d'Ischia is a car-free village. The transport of baggage and people who need it, is done with electric cars for a fee (public service).

The poet Neruda, with his beloved Matilde, spent a whole summer in Sant'Angelo, meeting often with the artist Gilles and other famous European intellectuals.
Since then, Sant'Angelo has quickly acquired an exclusive charm that now distinguishes itself from many other seaside destinations.

The marina, the square, the green mountain that gives its name to the village, the small alleys, the luxury boutiques, the beach, the scenic spots, the spas, the sapphire-colored sea, the wealth of the seabed where you can find the rare Gerardia Savaglio, better known as the "Black Coral" Sant'Angelo, are only some of the attractions of a place where every single day of a stay will become truly memorable.