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Ischia Island

A miniature world with a diversity of natural sites showing their different faces

Ischia is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples.
The large size of its territory and its volcanic origins make it a miniature world with a diversity of natural sites showing their different faces from the beaches, the fields, the pine woods, the chestnut forests and the sea to the mountain valleys. But not only nature but also man forged the island. Ischia has in fact six municipalities.

Each of the six towns has its own infrastructure, often with different centers within the same municipality, for example Forio that comprises several villages: Panza and Sant'Angelo, Ischia with Ischia Porto, Ischia Ponte, Campagnano and Cartaromana. All these small towns have historic centers full of architectural treasures: squares, churches, ancient palaces, and spas.

The wealth of the island has its origins in the interesting history, beginning with the colonization of the Greeks, who brought the cultivation of grapevines and the art of molding clay objects to the island, trades which are still flourishing today. During the centuries the island was under the rule of different sovereigns.

Royal ancient families like the house of Anjou, the house of Aragon and the house of Bourbon have left a magnificent heritage of art and architecture.

The walls of the ancient castle of Ischia Ponte are a testimony of the past centuries. In order to get the right idea of the island of Ischia you should not forget to visit the archaeological museum of Pithecusa located in the beautiful villa Arbusto Lacco Ameno, where the famous Nestor's cup is on display in addition to an incredible number of relics of ancient Greece, the Roman period and even the prehistory of Ischia.